Standard Rental Agreement

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Garment Pricing
Weekly Price
This agreement is effective as of the date of execution for a term of 24 months from date of installation. The additional charges listed below are subject to adjustment by Company effective upon notice to Customer, which notice may be in the form of an invoice.
Per week charge for prior service (If Amount Due is carried to Following Week) Credit terms * Charge Payments Due 10 Days After End of Month.
Automatic Lost Replacement Charge
% of Inventory
Price Each
Non-Standard/Special Cut Garment (non-standard, non-stocked, unusually small or large sizes, unusually short or long sleeve or length, etc.)
Under no circumstances will the Company accept textiles bearing free liquid. Shop towels may not be used to clean up oil or solvent spills
This Service Charge is used to help Company pay various fluctuating current and future costs including, but not limited to, costs directly or indirectly to the environment, energy issues, service and delivery of goods and services, in addition to other miscellaneous costs incurred or that may be incurred in the future by Company.
Customer agrees to have employees measured by a J&A representative using garment “size samples”. This charge per garment will be assessed for employees size changed within 4 weeks of installation.
Linens and Other Products
Rental Freq.
Unit Price

Customer Representative

J&A Representative

Rental Agreement Terms

1. The customer, its successors and assigns (“Customer”) orders from J&A Coat and Apron Service Corp or any of its subsidiaries, successors and assigns (“Company”) all of the Customer’s requirements of garment rental services and other items covered by this agreement during the term of this agreement all in accordance with the pricing, terms and conditions contained herein. Pricing is based on 52 weeks billing per rental item per year.

2. All garments will be cleaned and maintained by Company. Any garments that require replacement due to normal wear will be replaced by Company at no charge to customer.

3. Unless specified otherwise, the garments supplied under this agreement are not flame retardant or acid resistant and contain no special flame retardant or acid resistant features. Flame retardant and acid resistant garments are not available. Customer agrees to notify its employees that their garments are not designed for use in areas of flammability risk or where contact with hazardous materials is possible. Customer warrants that none of the employees for whom garments are supplied under this agreement require flame retardant or acid resistant clothing.

4. Customer agrees to notify Company, in writing of any hazardous materials that may be picked up by Company in the soiled garments or other textiles serviced under this agreement. In no case will hazardous materials be present to the extent that they may be harmful to Company’s employees.

5. The weekly rental charge for any individual leaving the employ of Customer can be terminated, but only after all garments issued to that individual, or the value of same, have been returned to Company. All garments and other rented items remain the property of J&A. Any special products (logo mats) must be purchased by the customer if service is stopped. If items are lost or damaged by any means Customer will pay the current replacement values for said items.

6. This agreement is effective as of the date of execution. The initial term of this agreement shall be as set forth on the front of this agreement and shall automatically renew for the same period of time unless Company is notified, to the contrary, in writing, 60 days in advance of the expiration of the then current term. Upon each anniversary date of this agreement, Company will automatically increase the Uniform- garment, Linen, Napkins and other products price by 10%.

7. Customer hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Company from any claims and damages arising out of or associated with this agreement.

8. Company guarantees to deliver the highest quality textile rental service at all times. Any complaints about the quality of the service which have not been resolved in the normal course of business must be sent by registered letter to Company’s General Manager. If Company then fails to resolve any material complaint in a reasonable period of time, Customer may terminate this agreement provided all rental items are paid for at the current replacement value or returned to Company in good and usable condition.

9. Additional customer employees, products and services may be added to this agreement and shall automatically become a part of and subject to the terms hereof. If this agreement is terminated early, the parties agree that the damages sustained by Company will be substantial and difficult to ascertain. Therefore, if this agreement is terminated by Customer prior to the applicable expiration date for any reason other than documented quality of service reasons which are not cured as set forth above, or terminated by Company for cause at anytime, Customer will pay to company, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the greater of 50% of the average weekly invoice total multiplied by the number of weeks remaining in the unexpired term, or buy back all garments and other products allocated to Customer at the then current replacement values.

10. All invoices must be paid within ten days after the end of the month. Interest will accrue on any amounts which are not paid when due from the date due to the date of payment in full at an annual percentage rate equal to the lesser of (a) eighteen percent 18% or (b) the maximum rate permitted by law.

11. Customer shall also be responsible for any unpaid charges on Customer’s account prior to termination and any attorney fees.

12. Customer certifies that Company is in no way infringing upon any existing contract between Customer and any other service provider.
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